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Patients' Success Stories

This is Baby Thornhill. He is now almost 3 months old. He was born at 28 Weeks gestation with 1Kg. He was managed for sepsis and prematurity. He also needed ventilatory support and coded once while in the NICU.

Baby Thornhill spent almost one month in the NICU.  This picture was taken on his last clinic visit by Dr Marcel Persaud, one of our final year residents.  

Neonatal resuscitation was performed initially by the NICU trained Nurses and later by both Paediatric residents and nurses. This included bag mask ventilation and chest compressions.  

His Managing team consisted of a Paediatric Consultant, Paediatric Registrars and Residents, along with NICU Nurses.

To date, Thornhill has no noticeable developmental delay.